Ever since Diane told me about this race, I had it in my radar. Things have finally fallen in place and I will be running the Last Annual Vol State 500KM Road Race this year. After finishing my 100 mile race 6 months back, I wanted to run a ‘more that 100 mile’ distance race and ended up with Vol State 500KM. It’s just 214 more miles, right?
A race that’s run from northwest corner of TN to the south west corner of TN, Dorena Landing, MO to Castle Rock, GA and we got 10 days to complete the race. The race is run in two categories. You could do it in solo (carrying everything you need and refill along the way at the stores and restaurants along the course taking no help from friends, though begging from strangers is allowed) or have a crew to support you. I have chosen to do it Solo, right, I am screwed.

The more I think about it, I get chills down my spine. I stay up late looking at the maps and making plans and I am surrounded by this cloud of confusion and fear that my palms begin to sweat. What have I got myself into. Enormity is a good word to describe this race. That reminds me of an email that Laz sent to the Vol State list.
a run like this is not just a race 
it can be (is) a life changing experience.
vol state is a journey thru personal hell
you WILL be discouraged.
you WILL feel self doubt.
you WILL want to quit.
but if you persevere.
if you dog it out, step by step

you will find in yourself a strength you never knew existed.
the vol-state is not a time to be concerned about teaching the young
or helping out friends.
you will need every ounce of your mental toughness
just to reach the rock
That went on my FB wall the very same day followed by several likes and comments. That’s all it takes, every ounce of mental toughness to reach the rock. That’s all I need. Reminds me of a line that I read long back in a book titled “Bleachers” where coach Rake says ''If you're winnin', never quit. If you're losin', never quit. If you're hurt, never quit.'' Quitting is not an option and I am going to give everything I can to get to the rock.
Joshua Holmes and I have been talking and encouraging each other ever since we got into this race. It also gave me an opportunity to join hands with him in raising money for Charity:Water and here’s our campaign page. 314 miles of hell, hill and humidity will help 250 people in a developing country to get clean water, through your contributions and support. 100% of all donations go directly to water projects, and each donation is "proved" when projects are complete. We aim to raise $5,000 by the time we get to the Rock. Help us achieve the goal by  DONATING HERE: 314 Miles – Water for 250 men, women, and children!
Our race updates while running the race will be on Run It Fast and also on Joshua Holmes Facebook Running Fan Page (Like it HERE) and on Twitter @bayou.
Thanks for all your support, prayers, contributions. We’ll need every bit of it while we are out there and good luck to all my Vol State friends.


Tiger said...

Ohhh . . . I love the photo of you and Joshua! You two are going to do great at Vol State! I hope to come out onto the course to see you. Run, run, run (or walk, walk, walk), but by all means, keep moving forward to the Rock!

Naresh said...

Thanks so much Angela. I am hoping to see you there on the course. Your hugs and kind words would be such an encouragement.

Run, Run, Run, Walk, Walk, Walk, Keep moving forward to the rock!!!

Sonali said...

Hey Naresh! Keep it going till the rock.. I know you will rock!! TC

mkirk said...

Naresh!!!! Crazy 5-finger guy! You made it across TN, so I hear...


I can't wait to read more about your experiences. With the intense heat over such distance, I'm sure it was epic. Congrats again.