Garmin Forerunner 305 with heart rate monitor:

I love this watch and it has served me well. Been with me ever since I started running my first marathon. Though I don't use the heart rate monitor that often, I always carry my Garmin with me during my training runs and races and it's going to stay with me for a long time.

Garmin 60CSX:

This gadget was in my wish list for a long time until a very good friend surprised me by presenting this unit. A truly rugged and very good GPS unit. I have used this primarily for my treks and sometime during biking.
Samsung B2100 or Samsung Marine:

Might look like a poor man's phone but don't judge by its looks. Sure it's not as fancy as an iphone but it serves the purpose. It's completely waterproof (dropped it in a bowl of chili once), shock proof (dropped it from 1st floor), long battery life (3 days) and has inbuilt led torch (ran Nashville Ultra). A perfect phone for a runner and outdoor enthusiast like me. I take it with me during running without worrying about getting it spoiled during rains. Worth the bucks!

Pentax k-x:

Though I have been eying at a DSLR for quiet a while, the time has finally arrived to get my hands on a Pentax DSLR. I have always been inclined towards Pentax for some reason. Image stabilization built into the body is a big selling point but besides that I only heard good things about Pentax. Surprising thin!! It's a red body. Can't wait to shoot some great pics!!