I am in Maryland, US now on business. I don't know what I was thinking when Ram asked me to register for Hyderabad marathon on 31st August 2009. A full marathon. If all goes well, it'll be my first Marathon, a dream come true. I could imagine how great it would be to cross the finish line. I will be returning on the 17th Aug, so I have some time at hand to catch up with training. With the same excitement, I logged into the website to register and again I don't what I was thinking when I registered myself for the Full Marathon. Though I ran two races, 12.1 miles and 7 miles race, trail running while in US, that's no were close to 26.2 miles.

Nevertheless I have registered myself and I want to put myself through it and finish it, NO MATTER WHAT. I so don't want my first Marathon to be a DNF (Running terminology for Did Not Finish). I have several reasons to run this race, several.... Let me see whether I am going to reach that magic number 26.2 Miles!!

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