This event turned out to be more fun that expected. When Groupon had discounted entry for this race, it was too difficult to pass it up. The event was sold out but then Warrior Dash introduced two new slots which opened up more new spots. I posted it on FB to see if there would be any takers. What fun in running this alone. More the merrier. Couple of friends took the bait. Some already registered runners were jealous since we registered for a lower price and a better slot. It was the 7:00AM slot. The first slot of the day. Virgin course and fresh mud. This was my friend Jeff’s first 5K. He is a great ultra bicyclist who is venturing into the sport of running. He did great for his first 5K, for a course full of obstacle.

The obstacles weren’t all that difficult in my opinion. Though the names sounded scary, it was a piece of cake. I was looking forward for the mud as soon as I started the race. After jumping on wrecked cars, crawling through a dark hole, climbing and other stuff, finally the smoke came at sight. The fire section where they burnt stacked up woods to add to the effects. It looked dangerous but upon approaching I felt even my grandma could jump through that fire. Next up was the mud pit. My favorite section. My friends know how much I love Mud. Something I enjoy while running the trails. I cannon ball dived into the mud pit and crawled my way under the barbed wire to the finish line.
My friend Jeff finished right after I did. We got hosed by the fire truck that was parked at a distant from the finish line. Just to get some mud off so that my car wouldn’t get nasty. Next, we picked up our free beer and bought a turkey leg and headed to the finish line. It was so much fun watching people go through the mud section. Some of them dived into the mud so hard that the mud was splashing over the audience. No one complained though, they were having a blast.
Here’s some of the pictures from the race.
Capture1  CaptureCapture2 Capture4
My only complaint about the race was the $10 parking fee. That was ridiculous for an event that already has a huge registration fee to charge an extra $10 for parking out in the country side. Runners had no other choice but to pay. I hope Red Frog Events takes care of this issue for their future events.


Anonymous said...

Hi Naresh,

Being a long distance runner in my college/IITs days (in 70s) I know what it brings to ones life. Winning physical endurance adventures is very tough and most accomplishing experience. I felt the same when my son along with his friends climbed Mount Kilimanjaroo in Tanjania, Africa. Congratulations and wish You all the best in your future adventure races !!

G R Raju, Cognizant associate, Princeton, NJ

Naresh said...

Great to know that you were a runner. We should run a marathon sometimes. I agree with you, nothing beats the sense of accomplishment achieved through physical endurance. I envy your son. Kilimanjaro is definitely in my to do list, One day!! Thanks for stopping by and posting your comments, I really appreciate that!

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